History of Bouncy Castles

Date: 13 May 2014

History of Bouncy Castles

As the summer approaches and everybody goes bouncy castle mad as we pray that the unreliable British weather works in our favour. Us here at AJL Bouncy Castles ask ourselves, where did it all begin? Bouncy Castles originated in 1959 in the United States of America by John Scurlock, an innovative man with a vision of the potential of what the inflatable could become. Scurlock developed his ideas into inflatable tents, domes and other forward-thinking products.

Bouncy castle sales first hit the UK in 1978 through Richard Hopkirk's Hop Castles. Inflatables have developed tremendously since this time and you just have to look at our range here at Andy J. Leisure to see how technology and innovation have been influential in the development of the industry. Back then, there was no internet at the click of a button, you couldn't view a gallery of hundreds of different bouncy castles in a few minutes, you especially could not order one and have it at your door the next day! But the UK is home to a plethora of manufacturers of fantastic quality, and AJL Bouncy Castles is leading by example in this field. We deliver products of the highest quality at best prices, we have done for many years and will continue to do so long into the foreseeable future!

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