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Date: 08 May 2015

For some bounce in your life this summer, why not purchase a bouncy castle for your party or event? With UK weather predicted to be hotter than Spain this summer, it’s a great way to have fun and laughter outdoors.

Whether you’re holding a children’s party, corporate event or local fair, bouncy castles are a popular feature for children and adults alike. Not only fun, bouncy castles are also a fantastic way to get some rigorous exercise! Perfect for those kids with excess energy to burn.

If you’re looking to buy a bouncy castle, simply head to Andy J. Leisure UK. We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of both bouncy castles and inflatable sales. We manufacture a huge range of bouncy castles, including H or A framed castles, arched bouncy castles, low height bouncy castles, and much more. With a wide variety of styles, sizes and colours, we can guarantee you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Since all our bouncy castles are manufactured in the UK, we guarantee only the best quality workmanship and materials possible. AJL UK have invested in Zund’s modern technology for cutting all our materials using the most precise measurements. We also use wide format digital printing machines to guarantee the most high quality graphics.

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