2016 AJL Blower Change

Date: 24 May 2016

Andy J. Leisure has decided to our bouncy castle blowers discontinue its production of a metal fan and move to a hard durable plastic. We believe this is a better option as the strong durable plastic can be dropped from up to 2m without cracking, meaning they're more than capable of withstanding the use of a hire product. We will be able to offer these fans in 0.75HP, 1HP, 1.5HP, 2HP and 3HP.

Our old metal fan weighed 22kg - pretty heavy. Now our 1.5HP weighs just 14.6kg, perfect for you. Our 3HP weighs just 22kg, the same as our old 1.5HP blower.

If you're not sold yet are new fans are also; rainproof, fireproof, stackable. Our 1HP blower can inflatable inflatables up to 12ft x 12ft and weighs just 10.6kg!!

Our 1.5HP fan is best for inflatables up to around 15ft x 18ft. Our 2HP blower is for most other large inflatables up to around 20ft x 20ft and our 3HP blower will inflate anything, it is also good for reviving old castles that have "gone soft".

Our new designs are built stronger than ever so come and get one of yours now!

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