Cheap Bouncy Castles In The UK

Date: 06 Jun 2016

The sun has been blessing our English shores this year, making it the perfect weather for celebrating outside. In other words, it’s ripe weather for having a bouncy castle!

Bouncy castles have been around ever since the late 1950s, when a man experimenting with inflatable covers for tennis courts noticed an employee jumping on them. Since he was a mechanical engineer with a taste for physics, he immediately recognised the potential for inflatable products, and ended up inventing, among other products, the safety air cushion which has saved many lives over the past 60 years.

He also introduced bouncy castles and inflatable domes to the world, with his rental company introducing products for children in the 1960s and 1970s.

Add some bounce to your party hire company.

If you run a party hire rental company, nothing will make you more popular than this feature. Similarly, it’s a wonderful investment for a pub garden, or anyone who regularly entertains children or organises weddings. For cheap bouncy castles in the UK, you won’t find a more affordable supplier than Andy J. Leisure, with our high quality bouncy castles are incredible prices.

All our bouncy castles are made in the UK but can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Why not get started, by exploring our famous Arch Bouncy Castles?

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Adult Bouncy Castles Made In The UKAdult Bouncy Castles Made In The UK

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