How To Start A Bouncy Castle Business

Date: 06 Feb 2017

Do you want to bring the joy of bouncy castles to others?

If you’re wondering how to start a bouncy castle business, Andy J. Leisure have everything to help you get started. Once you’ve purchased a bouncy castle it can be used for everything from family parties and galas to charity events and promotional events.

Whether you’re looking to throw parties for nurseries, schools or fetes, a bouncy castle will draw in the crowds no matter what.

Running a bouncy castle business can be extremely profitable, but it’s important you choose the right products. Firstly, it’s important that you choose the right-sized inflatables. Bouncy castles that measure 12' (3.6m) and 10' (3m) square castle are the most popular, and fit in a wide range of places.

It’s also important you have enough stock to meet demands, so it’s wise to have at least two or three bouncy castles.

When starting a bouncy castle business, it’s important to offer good value for money. With our prices at Andy J. Leisure, you can easily purchase an affordable bouncy castle. Afterwards, you’ll quickly make up for it with your profits.

Discover more tips on how to start a bouncy castle business.

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