Themed Bouncy Castles for Any Party

Date: 06 Mar 2017

Are you planning an Easter event this spring? Do you want your guests to have more bounce than the Easter bunny?

Bouncy castles are the perfect finishing touch for any event, whether it’s a wedding, garden party or festival. They can create a fun and buoyant atmosphere that keeps both children busy and adults happy. It’s also easy to recoup on your investment once you’ve bought one, and use a bouncy castle again and again.

At Andy J. Leisure, we have a massive range of bouncy castles, which range from classic bouncy castles, wedding inflatables and air tumble tracks to obstacle courses.

Weddings are particularly popular events for bouncy castles, so we have plenty of inflatables tailormade for this type of celebration, including this lovely Silver Heart Bouncy Castle; included with this inflatable are pegs, blowers, ground sheets and a banner. Established over 23 years ago, Andy J. Leisure use Zund’s modern technology to produce the highest quality artwork and materials.

Our skilled craftsmen can transfer any artwork onto any bouncy castle. With our wide format printing machines, we can print the highest quality graphics and produce the best possible materials.

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