Our Collection of Adult Bouncy Castles

Date: 20 Mar 2017

Our Collection of Adult Bouncy Castles

Spring and summer, the season for garden parties, BBQs and long evenings, is nearly upon us. It won’t be long before we’re digging out those beach shorts, slapping on sun cream and bathing under bluer-than-blue skies.

As the time for outdoor events like Easter fetes, May Day celebrations and summer parties, the warmer months are the perfect time to invest in a bouncy castle.

Andy J. Leisure make purchasing bouncy castles straight-forward, affordable and easy. And we guarantee the best price in the UK. If it’s your first time purchasing a bouncy castle, you might be daunted at the prospect of buying such a niche product. Where’s the best place to go, and what’s a normal price for inflatables of this size? How do I set it up myself? Will it come with all the equipment I need, or will I need to order separately?

At AJL UK our friendly team can answer all these questions, while at the same offering the most extensive range of inflatables on the net.

If you run a party hire company, why not invest in an inflatable both children and adults can enjoy?

We sell a huge range of inflatables which include those designed for adults, and all our bouncy castles come with the requisite equipment.

Check out our current stock of Adult Bouncy Castles.

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