Join in the Fun with our Adult Bouncy Castles

Date: 10 Oct 2017

Join in the Fun with our Adult Bouncy Castles

Are you thinking of investing in a bouncy castle and want one that can be used by grown-ups?

Adult bouncy castles are designed to take anyone’s weight, from toddlers to teenagers and adults who want to join in the fun, making them ideal for weddings, graduation balls and freshers’ fairs along with children’s parties and events.

Purchase an adult bouncy castle and you’ll have plenty more opportunities to hire out your inflatable, instead of limiting yourself to children’s parties.

If you specialise in organising special events, many people will rejoice if you include an adult bouncy castle.

If you’re looking for a company that specialise in bouncy castle sales, Andy J. Leisure is a worldwide supplier based in Merseyside in the UK who have a massive range of inflatables, including adult bouncy castles, decorated with the highest quality artwork and made from the most durable materials.

Our adult bouncy castles have a firmer footing and a stronger hold, so they can easily support adults.

For over two decades, Andy J. Leisure have been supplying bouncy castles and other inflatables to a range of commercial clients. Browse our selection of Adult Bouncy Castles today.

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