News Entries Dated June 2016

27 Jun 2016: A Worldwide Manufacturer Of Adult Bouncy Castles

At Andy J. Leisure we sell adult bouncy castles all over the world, with everything we produce being manufactured in the UK. As a trusted worldwide company we can help you avoid dodgy imported Since..Read More

20 Jun 2016: Adult Bouncy Castles Sold Worldwide

Bouncy castles have been around since the 1960s and 1970s, and are now popular for a wide range of places, including shopping centres, BBQs, wedding receptions, sports clubs, pubs, product launches a..Read More

13 Jun 2016: Adult Bouncy Castles Made In The UK

Whether you’re showing the football this summer, or organising a big wedding, a bouncy castle is a sure-fire winner with all age groups. If you can join in with kids, it’s a brilliant way to burn off..Read More

06 Jun 2016: Cheap Bouncy Castles In The UK

The sun has been blessing our English shores this year, making it the perfect weather for celebrating outside. In other words, it’s ripe weather for having a bouncy castle! Bouncy castles have been..Read More

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