News Entries Dated January 2017

30 Jan 2017: Why Choose Our Bouncy Castle Disco Domes?

What’s even more fun than dancing the night away at a disco? How about spending the night in a bouncy castle disco dome? **Here at Andy J. Leisure we offer some amazing deals on Disco Dome Bouncy of..Read More

23 Jan 2017: Adult Bouncy Castles So Everyone Can Enjoy The Fun

**Have you ever stood on the side-lines while children enjoy a bouncy castle, and been itching to join in?** If you need a bouncy castle for hire, it will be inevitably more popular if teenagers and..Read More

16 Jan 2017: Need A Bouncy Castle Supplier Who Ships Worldwide?

First designed in America, bouncy castles now delight both children and adults all over the world. Bouncy castles make their original appearance in 1959, so have been around nearly 60 years. **Do a..Read More

10 Jan 2017: Looking For Cheap Bouncy Castles In 2017?

Though it might feel very faraway, it won’t be long before spring is here and children want to play outside again. Why not put a literal spring in their step, with our cheap but quality bouncy for or..Read More

05 Jan 2017: Quality Adult Bouncy Castles

**Once we reach adulthood, why be barred from the fun of bouncy castles?** Adult bouncy castles are especially designed to take anybody’s weight, so you, too, can join in the fun. Bouncy castles a..Read More

03 Jan 2017: Are you a Party Organiser than Needs a Bouncy Castle?

**Are you a Party Organiser than Needs a Bouncy Castle?** Do you organise children’s parties and want to attract more clients? One of the best ways is to have a bouncy castle to hire out to families..Read More

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