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30 Nov 2017: Best Bouncy Castles to Buy and To Help Start a Hire Business

We at AJL Bouncy Castles offer a great deal of 2 high grade quality A-Frame bouncy castles, these will ensure you succeed within the hiring business and will get your fleet on its feet. The deal we A..Read More

05 Nov 2013: Buy or order now to avoid PVC increase 2014

In 2014 chemical alterations in PVC production are being introduced globally. This means the phasing out of Phthalate esters in bouncy castle PVC. Phthalate is an acid like chemical that softens PVC..Read More

22 Apr 2009: Bouncy castle sales on Auction Sites

Beware when you buy a 2nd hand bouncing castle, buying second hand bouncy castles and Inflatables on Auction sites can be a risk. Over the past few years we have discovered many customers we have up..Read More

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