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13 May 2014: History of Bouncy Castles

#History of Bouncy Castles# As the summer approaches and everybody goes bouncy castle mad as we pray that the unreliable British weather works in our favour. Us here at AJL [Bouncy ask ourselves, it..Read More

05 Feb 2014: Bouncy Castle Hire changing as time Moves on,

As a nation we are now probably in our fourth decade of bouncy castle hiring, I myself was hiring bouncing castles 24 years ago and it still seems like yesterday. In those good old days we found that..Read More

15 Jan 2014: Lots of Glowing Testimonials Flowing In On New Products

[Checkout our GENUINE Testimonials page.](/bouncy-castle-manufacturer/bouncy-castle-manufacturer-testimonials) It adds a TRUE insight into our bouncy castles quality. Here at we have the..Read More

05 Nov 2013: Buy or order now to avoid PVC increase 2014

In 2014 chemical alterations in PVC production are being introduced globally. This means the phasing out of Phthalate esters in bouncy castle PVC. Phthalate is an acid like chemical that softens PVC..Read More

28 Nov 2011: I'm a Celebrity GET ME OUT OF HERE

Andy J Leisure manufactures Bouncy Castle for ITV show I'm a celebrity get me out of here. In early October this year we were approached by ITV to manufacture a bouncy castle for use in a famous TV..Read More

27 Sep 2009: At 73 he starts a hire Business!!!

A recent Andy J Leisure customer starts in Bouncy castle Hire at the age of 73! In the many years I have run this company I have met some fascinating wonderful people. Most of who I still deal with..Read More

04 Jul 2009: Budget Manufacturers or Expensive Manufacturers. Who do you choose?

Why pay more for the same products! The Bouncy castle business has always caused some confusion for newcomers who call around looking for the best deal to start in bouncy castle hire. Most are met a..Read More

18 Jun 2009: Bouncy Castle Business, lucrative in Summer holidays

Bouncy Castle Hire in the summer holidays. The summer holidays are swiftly approaching and many Brits seem to be choosing to stay at home in the uncertain climate. (thats economy climate not Last in..Read More

06 Jun 2009: Freight Advice for Shipping Bouncy castles

Andy J Bouncy castles opens gateway for customers to arrange own shipping. In these difficult times, many clients worry about the deposit they are forced to pay on ordering a commercial inflatable a..Read More

04 Jun 2009: Commercial Bouncy Castle Warranty

3 years ? or 12 months ? How it works. There are always issues with warranties on bouncy castles. These mainly arise from the fact the commercial bouncy castles are generally abused whilst in use. J..Read More

07 May 2009: Tips for hiring a bouncy castle

Some advice for hirers of bouncy castles and operators too. * Check and keep your eye on the weather and avoid using Bouncy Castles on windy days. * A quick check of the seams is worth doing to see..Read More

26 Apr 2009: Hüpfburgen Deutschland, Bouncy Castles Germany

We now sell commercial bouncy castles direct into Germany - no agent fees. Between 1993 and 2003 Germany was one of our biggest markets. This was down to my agent and good freind Mike Liefeldt. He J..Read More

26 Apr 2009: Bouncy Castle Hire Template

Bouncy Castle Hire Agreement contract. A free Bouncing Castle Hire Disclaimer template to copy and paste. You, the HIRER are responsible whilst hiring this Bouncy Castle to ensure that all possible..Read More

26 Apr 2009: Bouncy Castle Insurance.

Bouncing castle hire insurance getting more competetive. List of Insurers of bouncy castles. Bouncing Castle Insurance Ireland. In todays climate we don't want to risk hiring without adequate this I..Read More

09 Apr 2009: Bouncy castles Spain, Hinchables Castillos, Spanish for bouncy castles

Ever been asked on holiday what your business or job is? Here are some Spanish phrases about bouncy castles. Here are some phrases that will help you reply. * i alquiler de hinchables castillos. I..Read More

12 Mar 2009: How to make a Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle Manufacturer tells all..... This is a question we are asked at least once a day. Since I began in this industry it fascinated me how these things worked and I believe I had to learn a..Read More

08 Mar 2009: Modest Trade in Difficult Climate

Bouncy castle business' flourish in hard times Here at Andy J Leisure, we have seen 3 recessions, this one probably being the worst to date. But in difficult times people look for a method of extra..Read More

07 Mar 2009: Jumping Castle Australia & New Zealand, Bouncy Castles Australia

Looking to buy bouncing castles in Australia & New Zealand ? We have shipped many inflatables to all areas of Australia. The cost of shipping has got very competitive recently. We can ship a bouncy..Read More

05 Mar 2009: Bouncy Castles Ireland, Bouncing Castles Ireland

Looking for bouncing castles to buy in Ireland, look no further.... Andy J leisure has sold in Ireland for over 15 years, I still serve our very first Irish Bouncy Castles customer to this day. We &..Read More

02 Mar 2009: New Budget Bouncy Castle with fitted roof

Andy J Leisure Ltd offers a new 12ft x12ft commercial Inflatable for Under £600! New market trends demand new affordable products. Here at AJL we are committed to moving forward with the current and..Read More

26 Feb 2009: AJL Bouncy Castle gains EN71 Certificate

Andy J Leisure UK bouncy castles have received a Full Pass in the testing house of SGS for EN71 part 1, 2 and 3. With a massive client on the horizon, we took the sensible step of testing our bouncy..Read More

26 Feb 2009: New 1.5 HP Fan Blower Available

A new 1.5 hp fan is also available at a lower price, We still stock Gibbons too.. The recent weakness in Stirling has seen a large increase in the price of inflatable fans for bouncy castles and is..Read More

25 Feb 2009: Indoor Bouncy Castle Precautions

Although outdoor premises are ideal for bouncy castles and inflatables, there are no limits as to where you can erect your bouncy castle. Indoor events are often the choice for parties during the and..Read More

01 Feb 2009: Bouncy Castle Safety

Many accidents with bouncy castles and inflatables usually occur due to poor management when setting up and taking down the inflatable, and in most cases, tying the bouncy castle down is a big part ¾..Read More

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