1.5HP Converter Plate & Air Deflator Combo


1.5HP Converter Plate

This converter plate will convert your yellow & black hard plastic 1.5HP Andy J Leisure fans into a fan compatible with our new popular air deflator [click here to go to the air deflator].


This will ONLY work with our yellow & black hard plastic 1.5HP fans, it will not convert any other fan of ours or any other brand.


  • 0.75HP - NO
  • 1.0HP - NO
  • 1.5HP - YES
  • 2.0HP - NO
  • 3.0HP - NO


This is the brilliant and best way to deflate one of your inflatables. The quick screw on screw off plastic module is perfect to keep on your fan as its brings you the capabilty of quickly deflating your inflatables without having to walk on them as much.

How will the air deflator benefit you?

  • No more bulky inflate/deflate cones permanently screwed onto the side of your fan
  • Quick and easy with the one twist in and out design
  • Prolong the life of your inflatable and its artwork by not having to step on them as much
  • Reduce time spent manually deflating your inflatable
  • Perfect for deflating inflatables when it has been raining, no more wet shoes trampling the bouncy castle
  • Guaranteed to make your inflatable smaller when rolled up due to less air inside

Watch our video to see the air deflator in action and find out more information about it.

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Air Deflator Compatible

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