4 in 1 Pixel Play


Brand New 4 in 1 Pixel Play an outstanding looking game with four different games to choose from and all of them are 2 player. So starting with No 1 Pixel Paddles or to me and you Pong! just about the first console style game two player tennis style game.

No 2 Pixel pieces or again to you and me Tetris but a two player game keeping the lines clear side by side. Turning randomised shapes to fit into rows.

No 3 Pixel Pythons Or Snake as it was commonly know as back in the late 90s with the Nokia phone again we have made this a two player game so competing to eat as many apples as possible to make your snake grow. Careful not to touch the sides or cross the snake trail.

Last but not least No 4 Pixel Paint the best way I can discribe this is giant etch a sketch with colour and electronics.

Both screen and control panel come in a flight case and then one wrap around skirt.

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