Andy J Leisure manufactures Bouncy Castle for ITV show I'm a celebrity get me out of here.

In October, 2011 we were approached by ITV to manufacture a bouncy castle for use in a famous TV show. The castle had to be able to stand up to adults bouncing on it and plenty of abuse in this particular area it was being used. ITV's researchers were making enquires around our industry as to who could make such an inflatable in such a short space of time to this standard.

Confused by such vast difference in prices and time frames, they found the decision tough as they had a limited budget and a short time frame, therefore, AJL Bouncy Castles suited them down to the ground, well to put it another way 'down under'. As they also had to fly this to Australia. One of the show producers contacted ourselves directly to discuss their needs, we quickly knocked up some drawing to match her ideas and when we had agreed on the final drawing the build began. We completed the Bouncer in 3 days then gave it a hard 3 hours adult bashing test, where at one point 8 adults bounced constantly on the inflatable for 20 minutes, a tiring process but we test all our inflatable before we dispatch them and this one was going to be on a live TV show!

See it in link below being tested before it left for live show (I'm a poet!)

Click Here for ITV Bouncy Castle Testing Video

ITV received the castle just in time to build the set for the bush tucker trial, the idea was the contestants had to bounce up and down, dressed in medieval clothing and with pointed hats and burst the balloons suspended above them which were filled with slippy slime and the odd star and key for the surprise chest.

Who better to be chosen for the trial than the 2 body beautiful Mark Wright and Emily Scott. What happened next made great television, 2 eye candy celebs bouncing, slipping, flirting and laughing dressed in medieval costumes on a medieval Camelot bouncy castle trying to burst balloons with a pointy hat, hilarious!

View pictures from the Daily Mail of our bouncy castle being used live on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Big Thanks to the fabulous Becky Crossthwaite (trial producer) and all the ITV team for such a great opportunity to contract us for their bouncy castle for the show.

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