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Inflatable Theme Parks

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Before and after design of Velocity Inflatable Park, Widnes - AJL's First Inflatable Theme Park

Here at Andy J. Leisure being one of the UK and Europe's leading inflatable manufacturers, we are able to provide fitted inflatable theme parks.

What can we do for you?

With AJL air inflatable parks, we can take your ideas and dreams and make them a reality. ANY SIZE, THEME, COLOUR, DESIGN is possible.

We can take your ideas and produce you a 3D design which is structurally sound and built with reinforced strength at stress points.

Image Text Example of a 3D Design we can do for your taste

What do you need to consider?

  • Do you want a fixed location or mobile style park?

If you want a fixed location, you should consider any building obstacles such as pillars, fire escapes, windows, entrance and exit points. These are all super important to be able to get your perfect design!

If you want a mobile park you can move around the country, you should consider the size and weight of the park with great thought. How many inflatables will it be? How many vans/wagons will it take to transport the park around?

  • Do you want a full fitted together inflatable air theme park or a room full of separate inflatables?

What is the difference? The main difference is the cost. Having a room of separate inflatables is a lot more cost effective than the a full inflatable bounce room such as Velocity pictured above - However, they do not have the same amazing finished look and impact as the full inflatable structured theme parks do.

Another full structure inflatable theme park Image Text

Pricing Information

  • What does an inflatable theme park cost?

There are many different factors to consider such as size, height, structures, reinforced areas, colours, designs, shapes, full theme park or separate inflatable park, plus much more. For that reason each quote is based on POA basis (price on application).

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