Velcro Soft Play Mats x 9

9 Piece Velro Soft Play Mats


9 Velcro Softplay mats that come in multiple variations, colours and sizes, these mats are also amendible to your prefered sizes.

This 9 pack of on and off mats is ideal for placement in front of inflatables. These mats will allow the users of your inflatables to get on and off in a cleaner, comfier and safer way. The mats come in a variety of colours and are 3ft x 5ft and approximately 2 inches thick.

This variation of softplay mats has an included set of velcro joining strips to piece them together for a softplay environment. These are interchangeable for either dismounting an inflatable or placed in a soft play area. All our products are manufactured at Merseyside factory in the UK and nothing is imported from other countries.

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9 x Velcro Soft Play Mats pieced together.
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