Strong and Fun Adult Bouncy Castles

Date: 26 Jul 2017

Strong and Fun Adult Bouncy Castles

Why should adults miss out on the fun this summer?

If you run a hire company, an adult bouncy castle is guaranteed to attract more clients, who will love the fact the whole family can participate. Nothing beats sharing that childhood joy of bouncing around like you remember as a kid. Why stand on the side lines when you can also have a bounce? At Andy J. Leisure, we have many bouncy castles designed for adults which are strong, colourful and tough. Everybody can join in the party, from children to teenagers and ‘kidults’. This makes it perfect for event where there’s a wide range of age-groups. You’re guaranteed to find a design you love on Andy J. Leisure.

Our adult bouncy castles come in a wide variety of designs, from those which are circus themed to Christmassy H-framed bouncy castles. A Christmas bouncy castle is the perfect investment before those parties rolls around in December.

We also have a football themed bouncy castle that is ideal for those sporting events. If you’re not a fan of our existing themes, we can create bespoke bouncy castles to your specifications.

View our collection of Adult Bouncy Castles.

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