Adult Bouncy Castles Made In The UK

Date: 30 May 2016

Did you know, the world’s biggest bouncy castle has appeared in the UK? Measuring 23.8m by 20.7m by 12.8m, it is taller than the Great Wall of China and can be used by 100 people. Made in Wales, it is equal in height to the walls of Cardiff Castle.

It took six hours to erect in Camden, London, and is set to appear at a number of music festivals. It hasn’t yet been confirmed by the Guinness World Book of Records as the largest. However, it definitely beats the last record set in 1997.

Music festivals are just one of the many event which benefit from inflatables. Pub parties, children’s parties, May Day fetes, and any big party are fantastic events for bouncy castles.

If you are a party hire company, this will be one of the your most popular requests.

At Andy J. Leisure we might not have the world’s largest bouncy castle…but we have an incredible range of inflatables, including those suitable for adults, all of which are manufactured in the UK. All our bouncy castles are sold for the most competitive prices, to customers all over the world.

Whether you want to use our artwork, or your own, we use the best technology and materials to produce all our inflatables.

To browse our adult bouncy castles, take a look here.

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